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Design a biosecure Farm

Make a customized Plan

Practicing good biosecurity is a simple and effective way for producers to protect animal health.

Ideally, every farm should undergo a biosecurity assessment and develop a plan. However, that process can be difficult and time-consuming since all farms are different.

This website is for producers who want to know more about biosecurity. It will help you evaluate your animals and your farm–and implement biosecurity that works for you.


Take our short course to see how biosecurity can benefit your farm.

Basic Biosecurity Course FAQ

The biosecurity short course is an introduction to biosecurity. It covers what biosecurity is and why it is needed on the farm, how diseases spread, how to prevent diseases, and biosecurity challenges on the farm.

Find out more about farm biosecurity from the Center for Food Security and Public Health.

Learn about disease transmission, biosecurity tips, and specific guidance for beef cattle, dairy cattle, poultry, sheep, and swine.

Design a biosecure farm

Interact with a virtual farm to learn more about protecting your animals from disease.

Farm design FAQ

Users can interact with three different mixed-species farms that vary in size and layout.

Make a customized plan

Use our online tool to write a customized biosecurity plan for your farm.

Biosecurity assessment FAQ

You will answer questions about biosecurity on your farm – things you already do, plan to do, and don’t plan to do. The assessment tool will provide you with some biosecurity recommendations. Then, choose whether or not to add them to your biosecurity plan. At the end of the assessment, download and save your biosecurity plan for free.

No. Fields to enter your name, address, and phone number are optional. If provided, we will not use your personal information to contact you in the future.

Your biosecurity plan information is saved for 30 days in case you choose to make any changes using the “Save and Continue Later” feature. All biosecurity plan information is deleted after that time.

Your biosecurity plan is provided as a PDF which you may be able to edit later using other software.